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I got One Hell Of A Deal on this workbench: it only cost me $40! If he has another, I just might buy it, too. (1081942 bytes)
Thumbnail of workbench with test gear on it  
The kitten was a separate item procured from another vendor.
At the same place, I also got this Tektronix 465B 'scope with the DMM option, (1628277 bytes)
Thumbnail of Tek 465B on workbench
but they wanted money for it, too. *sigh*
The bench was a nice purchase, because it gave me a place to put the scope and my new-to-me Fluke 1953A
counter (1569827 bytes)
Thumbnail of Fluke 1953 counter on workbench
Here's my new-to-me HP 8640B signal generator. (1587084 bytes)
Thumbnail of HP 8640 Signal generator on workbench
. What a particularly fine piece of equipment this is. Hats off to the engineers who designed it!