In 62 I was the lead ET on a reefer, AF-48, and we usually sailed independent except when coming out for replenishment duty.

Anyway, once away from the USA the deck apes had nothing to listen to on their pocket transistor radios when working. So I come up with a bright idea and get an OK from the EMO. Hook up a record player donated by a Chief PO to the URM-25D sig gen and run a sloping vertical up to the rear mast. Used the GDO we carried to build a small matching network. The 50 milliwatts was good reception and crew members supplied various vinyl, mostly LP.

Once in port it got talked up in the bars with other crews and I get the request to boost power when we were steaming with a task force. OK, no big deal, there were plenty of spare parts aboard plus a machine shop and soon a 6AQ5/ 807 linear was humming away on 1600 kc. Input was a bit over 30W so figure on 10W to the antenna. The 6AQ5 screen voltage had to be cranked way down to not overdrive the 807.

After a few days I get called into the Captains cabin with the EMO standing next to him. Oh s**t, Im in trouble was my first thought. It seems that my broadcasting exploits reached the task force commander and lots of command level yakking went on between ships. So instead of getting my rear ripped open the skipper gave me a big handshake and salute. The only orders from the task commander was to QRT when within the 12 mile limit of any countries territory including our own.

Those exploits were written up in the Navy Times and duplicated and improved on elsewhere. My 15 minutes of fame.