Two liturgical combs from the "Songs of Glory" traveling exhibit

The first (and smaller) liturgical comb, 90013 bytes,
This is a folding comb, about 3 or 4 inches wide, with four sets of teeth, and some rather coarse pierced-work.

The second liturgical comb, 972818 bytes.
Note the truly exquisite pierced-work and the delicacy of the teeth.
This is not a large comb, being no more than 6 inches wide.

The liturgical comb appears to have been used by the priest for arranging his hair before he celebrated Mass,
and liturgical combs appear to have been presented to (some) bishops at their consecrations as personal property.
At (22), near the bottom of the left column, this article, discusses liturgical combs as an article of the priest's vestments.