Master Sergeant Bill tells me this:

What goes around comes around. Division Headquarters and Support Battalion conducted annual training at the same time in the same place. Some things were shared between the units. For example the Battalion provided vehicles for both units and the Division Headquarters Company (HHC) provided weapons for both. After a long day of shooting and cleaning weapons we learned that the HHC armorer didn't want to do his job. When battalion troops tried to turn in their rifles he rejected every one of them for being "dirty" which they most certainly were not. This went on into the evening until finally all weapons were turned in and accounted for. The HHC armorer had signed for a 2.5 ton truck from the Battalion's motor pool which was open 24/7. When he tried to return the truck to the motor pool it was rejected for being dirty(!) I heard later that he resorted to tooth brushes as he worked all night to detail that truck. Sometime the next day the motor pool folks finally allowed him to turn the truck in. By then it was probably worthy of entry into a Concours d'Elegance.

What goes around ... .