Animated gif of Radio Room clock showing red silent period  sectors at 15-18 and 45-48 minutes.

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Recordings made in the 1920s

The origin of this recording is not known - however the narrator is correct about the callsigns as far as I have determined with various ITU Coast Station and Ship Station Lists (This was one book at one time). In all probablility this was a recreation made at a much later time - perhaps in the 1960s by the AWA ( by using vintage spark and ICW transmitters with the narration supplied by someone who was an operator at the time.

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This recording contains the narration and is longer and has more material.

This recording contains the call up of NBD and traffic list without the narration - this recording was supplied by R/O Bob McGraw (W2LYH).

Recordings made in the 1960s.

Last Eastbound Trans-Atlantic Voyage of "Queen Mary/GBTT" - 1967 - R/O Arthur Goodnow, (W1DM).

Recordings made in the 1970s.

500 kc/s in Europe 1974 by R/O Arthur Goodnow (W1DM) made on ship.

English Channel Tea Party - Unknown origin - provided by Chas. Henry (VA3CH), R/O, Earl Korf (K2IC), and R/O Bob McGraw (W2LYH)

Recordings made in the 1980s

HF CQ Marker signals - 1980s - by R/O Joe Prewitt (W0TUT).
Recordings of East Mediterrian Sea (and others) - circa 1985 - by R/O David Ring (N1EA)

Recordings made in the 1990s.

FINAL NIGHT RECORDINGS - 31 January 1999. Made at EJM - Malin Head Radio, Ireland.

I produced a three CD set of recordings for R/O Finbar O'Conner of Malin Head Radio/EJM. The files are labled CD1, CD2 and CD3 and represent the different tracks on each of three CDs. A CD set can be produced from them by simply arranging and converting the mp3 to CD format.

EJM_CD1_Track 1 Introduction to the EJM CD set by R/O Finbar O'Conner.
EJM_CD1_Track 2 EJM recording beginnings aproximately 2007 UTC 31 January 1999.
EJM_CD2_Track 1 EJM recording continues from aproximately 2130Z 31 January 1999.
EJM_CD3_Track 1 EJM recording continues from aproximately 2150 until QRT at 2400 31 January 1999 - the end of 600 meters.
EJM_CD3_Track 2 Introduction to USCG Communications Station Kodiak, AK NOJ recording of SOS de PJTA - MS Prinsendam 04 Oct. 1980.
EJM_CD3_Track 3 SOS de PJTA - NOJ - USCG COMSTA Kodiak - Recording of SOS of passenger ship "MS Prinsendam" 04 Oct 1980.
EJM_CD3_Track 4 Introduction to "QRT 500" audio track.
EJM_CD3_Track 5 "QRT 500" audio track - GLD, GLV, GKR and others. Terry George of Cowloe Productions of Sennen Cove ( owns the copyright to the audio recording (track 5), which is used here by his kind permission.
GB Online Ltd owns the copyright to the "QRT 500 kc/s wireless telegraphy 1901-1997: The final WT transmissions from UK Coast Stations" video and DVD, which is 1998 and 2010 GB Online Ltd.

The DVD containing the video is available at the GB Online website, on Amazon, and on eBay

Special Recording: N1EA/MM on ship in Gulf of Mexico recorded by Ed, W1YT with Rain and Thunderstorm sounds.

Assorted mp3 and mpg files very kindly provided to me after my multiple disk crash.

1st_wcc.mp3 EJM_CD1_Track 1.mp3 EJM_CD1_Track 2.mp3 EJM_CD2_Track 1.mp3
EJM_CD3_Track01.mp3 EJM_CD3_Track02.mp3 EJM_CD3_Track03_SOS_de_PJTA.mp3 EJM_CD3_Track04.mp3
EJM_CD3_Track05_GLD_SK.mp3 Hobart Spark 1938.MP3 Radio_Free_America.mp3 SS_KING._WAKL.mp3
Tea_Party.mp3 VK7ROspknr.mp3 W1DM_500_EU_74.mp3 W1DM_500_EU_74.mp3.1
W1DM_gbtt.mp3 WLC_Audio_1.mp3 WLC_Audio_2.mp3 WLC_Video_1.mpg
WLC_Video_2.mpg XXX de PJTA.MP3 cfh_sk2.mp3 cootie_sending.mp3
e_med.mp3 fast_hand_key.mp3 jjymono.mp3 kok.mp3
lake_erie_swing.mp3 n1ea_on_vibroplex.mp3 nma_qso.mp3 saq2000-01-01.rm
sos_de_pjta_small_file_size.mp3 spy_spark.mp3 w0tut_markers.mp3 wooh_cw.mp3
wooh_cw_small_size.mp3 wsl_sk1.mp3

Acknowledgements and Copyright Information.

I thank the USCG 11th District for cooperation in obtaining and permission to publish the NOJ recording of the SOS from MS Prinsendam.

The audio track of the video "QRT 500" is used by kind permission of the copyright owner, Terry George of Cowloe Productions of Sennen Cove (

The DVD containing the video, which is 1998 and 2010 GB Online Ltd., is available at the Discovery Films website, on Amazon, and on eBay.

Finally, thanks and acknowledgement are given to R/O Finbar O'Conner for his material, recordings, patience with the production process and his permission to share these recordings with other R/Os. Finbar O'Conner and David J. Ring, Jr. retain their respective copyrights to the material used here.

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