Some years back, the local CBS affiliate TV station sent a crew to our state capitol to film someone or other -- who is not important or germane to the story, and I can't remember, anyway.

The crew chief needed to find a circuit that would handle the quite-hefty load of their halogen lights, and so he used what he called a "breaker finder": a heavy-duty grounded plug with hot, neutral, and ground all wired together with something like #6 copper.

The theory was that he could plug that into an outlet, the branch breaker would trip out, he would have someone find the utility closet, and he could find out what the breaker rating was.

In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, they aren't.

The branch breaker failed to trip. The _floor_ breaker finally tripped out, earning him the ire of an entire floor of judges, court clerks, appointed officials and their staffs, state senators and representatives and _their_ staffs, and so on.

Mike Andrews, W5EGO