This page contains the manual for the RACAL RA-1794, very kindly scanned by Chuck Urmson, M1DPD, as individual chapters and as one large (144 megabytes) file. Everything is in PDF format, and you will need something (Adobe Acrobat or open-source equivalent) that reads and displays PDF files to use this page.

This server is on a cablemodem with asymmetric up and down speeds; You will see about 50 kBytes/second on a good day.
RA1794A Ch 0 Front RA1794A Ch 0 Technical Specification
RA1794A Ch 1 General Description RA1794A Ch 2 Installation
RA1794A Ch 3 Operating Instructions RA1794A Ch 4 Dismantling & Re-Assembly
RA1794A Ch 5 Display & Switch Board RA1794A Ch 6 Display Driver Card
RA1794A Ch 7 Processor Card ST83771 RA1794A Ch 8 Frequency Standard
RA1794A Ch 9 20MHz Reference Board RA1794A Ch 10 Synthesizer Board
RA1794A Ch 11 First Mixer_VCO Board RA1794A Ch 12 Second Mixer_640 MHz Board
RA1794A Ch 13 IF Filter Card RA1794A Ch 14 AGC Card
RA1794A Ch 15 Demodulator Card RA1794A Ch 16 SCORE Interface Card
RA1794A Ch 17 Power Supplies RA1794A Ch 18 Mother Board & Interconnections
RA1794A Ch 19 Self-Test Routines RA1794A Ch 20 Functional Test & Alignment
RA1794A Ch 21 Fault Diagnosis RA1794A Ch 22 Parts List
RA1794A zApp 1 Processor Card ST79794 RA1794A zApp 2 Fault Diagnosis
ENTIRE Racal_RA1794A_Technical_Manual
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